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LISA HOLT (b. 1980)

HARLAN REANO (b. 1978)


Lisa Holt (Cochiti Pueblo) and Harlan Reano (Santo Domingo/Kewa Pueblo) have been collaborating since 1999.  Using Cochiti clay, Holt is the potter and Reano is the painter, creating designs that are sometimes inspired by older Santo Domingo pottery, but frequently are his own creations. They fire the pots together.Holt is half Cochiti on her mother’s side and comes from an illustrious potting family. Her grandmother is the well known Cochiti potter Seferina Ortiz, her mother is Inez Ortiz, and she is the niece of Virgil Ortiz. Her mother and grandmother taught her.  Reano is half Santo Domingo/Kewa on his mother’s side. Lisa mother also taught him.  Together they use all natural materials and paints for their work and fire their pottery outdoors. Making pottery together since 1999, They started off specializes in figurative pottery including frogs, lizards and large Ollas & made only figurines inspired by the old Cochiti tradition of human and animal forms.  More recently they have expanded into pots, jars, & figures which are still traditional but have a more contemporary feel to them. Initially, Lisa made the pottery and Harlan painted them. They now share in the pottery making responsibility as Harlan remains the painter.   Together they have won many awards. Most recently Best of Pottery at the Swaia Santa fe Indian Market 2012, & Best of Pottery at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market in 2011 & 2010.

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